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Tuesday, June 20 • 9:00am - 12:00pm
Half Day Pre-Con Workshop: The Smarts Behind Smart Cities & Smart Farms using Sensors in IoT

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Smart cities are urban areas that utilize modern technology to improve the quality of life for their citizens. This can include features like intelligent transportation systems, efficient waste management, and advanced communication networks. With the integration of smart technologies, cities can become more sustainable, livable, and resilient.
Smart farms, on the other hand, use cutting-edge technologies to optimize agricultural production, increase yields, and reduce waste. This can include precision farming techniques, such as using sensors and drones to monitor crops, as well as utilizing data analytics to make informed decisions about planting and harvesting.

Both smart cities and smart farms hold the potential to improve our lives, create a more sustainable future, and help address some of the most pressing challenges we face today, such as climate change and food insecurity.
In the style of an open roundtable discussion this workshop guided by the Moderator and organized by the Wireless Communications Alliance (www.WCA.org) will focus on the use of sensors and communication technologies to “smartify” emerging and established industries. In addition, we will showcase some typical sensor applications from the Connected-Everything market segments.

The Wireless Communications Alliance (www.WCA.org) is organizing a workshop that will take the form of an open roundtable discussion. The workshop will be moderated and will center on the utilization of communication technologies and sensors to make both emerging and established industries "smart." The event will also highlight some common sensor applications from the Connected-Everything market segments.


9:00 AM Welcome & Introduction (Peter Walther & Marcel Verheijen - WCA)

9:10 AM Smart Cities (Paul Hoekstra - Mobility BU Director, TNL U.S.A.)

Smart cities are an emerging concept that aims to use technology and data to enhance the quality of life for citizens while promoting sustainability and economic growth. By integrating various systems and infrastructure, such as transportation, energy, and communication, smart cities can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate environmental impact. However, there are also concerns about privacy, security, and social equity. In this discussion, we will explore the benefits and challenges of smart cities, their impact on urban development, and their potential to transform the way we live and work.

9:35 AM Smart Farming (Andy Do - President, SensorWorks) 

Smart farming, also known as precision agriculture, is an innovative approach to agriculture that leverages technology to improve efficiency and productivity. By using sensors, drones, and other smart devices, farmers can monitor and manage their crops and livestock in real-time, optimizing resources such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides. Smart farming also enables better decision-making by providing valuable insights into soil health, weather patterns, and crop growth. In this talk, we will explore the latest trends and technologies in smart farming, their benefits and challenges, and their potential to revolutionize the agriculture industry and address some of the world's most pressing challenges, such as food security and climate change.

10:00 AM Smart Buildings and Factories (Pui San Tam - Project Manager, EIT Hub Silicon Valley)

Smart buildings and factory automation are transforming the way we design, construct, and operate our built environment. With the advancements in technology, buildings can now be designed to be more energy-efficient, safer, and comfortable for occupants. Smart buildings also enable better management and optimization of resources such as electricity, water, and heating. Similarly, factory automation is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, making it more efficient, flexible, and sustainable. In this talk, we will explore the latest trends and technologies in smart buildings and factory automation, their benefits and challenges, and their potential to create a more sustainable and connected world.

10:25 AM Networking Break and Sensor Demos

10:40 AM Edge Computing (Zeki Gunay - CEO, CRATUS Technology, Inc.)  

In this session about the use of Edge computing in the sensor market the panel will address the benefits and challenges of this technological combination. Edge computing involves processing data at the edge of the senor network, closer to where the data is generated, instead of sending it to a centralized cloud. We will discuss how Edge computing can reduce latency and bandwidth requirements, improve data security, and provide real-time analytics. However, we will also highlight the challenges of implementing Edge computing in the sensor market, such as the need for edge hardware and software, and the complexity of managing distributed computing resources. Overall, this section will provide valuable insights into the potential of Edge computing to transform the sensor market.

11:10 AM HaLow in Sensor Networks (Chris King - Director, Sales & Marketing, NEWRACOM)

HaLow, also known as 802.11ah, is a wireless communication protocol designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It operates on the sub-1 GHz frequency band, providing extended range and improved penetration through walls and obstacles. With its low power consumption and ability to support a massive number of devices, HaLow is revolutionizing the concept of "smart everything." From smart homes to smart cities, HaLow enables seamless connectivity and communication between devices, making our lives more convenient and efficient. It allows for the integration of sensors, actuators, and intelligent systems into various aspects of our daily lives, paving the way for a truly interconnected and intelligent world.

11:30 AM Closing Remarks, Q&A, Sensor Demos (Marcel Verheijen)

11:55 AM Give-away, Thank-you & Acknowledgements (Peter Walther)

We will give-away 1 copy of Marty Cooper’s books “Cutting the Cord”.
Must be present to win.

avatar for Andy Do

Andy Do

President and IoT Evangelist, SensorWorks
Andy Do is the Founder and President of Embedded Works, and a Board Member of the Wireless Communications Alliance (WCA.org) which his focus area is wireless IoT technologies. Mr. Do has over 20 years of wireless industry experience, with an emphasis in GPS, WiFi, Cellular, and LPWAN... Read More →
avatar for Zeki Gunay

Zeki Gunay

CEO, CRATUS Technology, Inc.
Zeki is Founder and CEO of CRATUS. For 20+ years he has been a senior in business and technical leadership in commercializing Energy Storage, Battery, IoT, sensors, sensing systems, AI and machine learning technologies. Managing a global business with three product lines.CRATUS provides... Read More →
avatar for Paul Hoekstra

Paul Hoekstra

Mobility BU Director, TNL U.S.A.
Paul is leading the TNL U.S.A. Mobility Business Unit, a Technolution subsidiary and engages with municipalities and public transit agencies to solve their hardest problems. As proven in San Francisco where they reduced public transit delay on red by 72.5%, reduced CO2 emissions by... Read More →
avatar for Chris King

Chris King

Director, Sales & Marketing, NEWRACOM
Chris is an accomplished leader of sales and channel development teams focused on customer journey, acquisition strategy, operational efficiency, and post-sale service evolution. For over 20 years he has led and closed large complex sales opportunities. Chris’ experience in Product... Read More →
avatar for Pui San Tam

Pui San Tam

Project Manager, Schoolab Consultant
Pui San Tam is a manager with a strong background in international community building and a passion for innovation. She leads projects focused on driving entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology sector. Based in San Francisco, she has served as a consultant to the European... Read More →
avatar for Marcel Verheijen

Marcel Verheijen

GTM Strategies Business Development Consultant, WCA
As a Global Business Developer in Breakthrough Technology, Marcel has accumulated over two decades of experience in (digital) marketing, start-ups, go-to-market (GTM), and access-to-market (A2M) strategies. Additionally, he recently co-founded “Amplify your Globalization,” a platform... Read More →
avatar for Peter Walther

Peter Walther

President, Wireless Communications Alliance
As Executive Manager Peter brings with him about 40 years of extensive experience in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Executive Leadership, in all market segments of the Wireless Industry, Big Data and FinTech. Since 2008 Peter has been operating as an independent... Read More →

Tuesday June 20, 2023 9:00am - 12:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom E